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ACC Mission Statement
The Maintenance Group will strive to be a center of computing equipment expertise that can provide the community with consulting, purchasing advice, maintenance and repair services as needed.
ACC Services
We offer low-cost, convenient repair services as well as advice and assistance with system upgrades, preventive maintenance and other non-repair services.
Carry-in Repair Service
We accept items you bring us for repair at our service center.
Outcall Repair Service
Contact us and we will come to your site and repair your equipment problem.
Maintenance Contracts
We provide service subscriptions for many brands of computer equipment. Prices vary according to brand names. In most cases we offer contracts at rates lower than the manufacturer's suggested retail rate. We can also customize a service plan to fit your particular mix of equipment and service needs.
Equipment Return/Shipment
When equipment needs to be returned to the manufacturer for repair, we can arrange for the shipment of your unit whether it is in warranty or out-of-warranty.
We offer services to ensure peak performance and help you detect the cause of any problems you are having with your equipment.
We can determine whether a problem with your equipment is hardware or software related by using various diagnostic tools.
Data Back-Up and Recovery
We can attempt to back up a damaged hard drive onto floppy or cartridge tape or can direct you to companies which specialize in that service. Prices vary according to the size of the hard drive. Estimates are available.
Custom Services
Need help with any aspect of maintaining your computer equipment? Call us and we can discuss new or existing programs to assist you.

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